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25+ Epic Custom Controller Mods Design

Never has it been such a wonderful time to be a gamer, especially a console gamer. The controller options we have today are really out of this world. Factory controllers for modern consoles like PS4 and Xbox look great as they are, but companies are making custom versions of your favorite video game controllers that also look great – even more are the custom designs that fans are making themselves! There are lots to choose from.

We love the gaming mod community and really enjoy seeing all of the great things people come up with. Whether you are trying to breathe life back into your retro consoles, or just want a project to turn a broken controller into a DANK (and working) controller – strap yourself in.

Today our aim is to inspire your creative side and show you what is possible with a little craftiness and some hard work when it comes to creating a badass custom game controller.

Now THAT, is sweet. Boy.
FYI a lot of these you can still buy.
I’m a sucker for Black Ops.
Okay, these last three are NOT working controller mods – more like Art pieces or sculptures inspired by the xbox & playstation controller, but I do declare them quite bad ass.

BONUS! Controllers w/ Matching Console Mods

We know that you are just recovering from those super sweet controller mods, but here are some extras that we found that not only look awesome on their own – they are complimented with a tricked out custom console design!

Super Bonus! How to Perform Controller Mods Yourself with DIY Tutorials

At this point you are probably thinking, wow – I want to do that myself! Feeling creative? Good, we gave you the inspiration and now we have rounded up some easy DIY tutorials to follow along to make your old controllers look EPIC! Have fun!

How to Make a Backlit Xbox One Controller Mod

We hope that you found this post useful, whether you are a hardcore gamer looking for the latest and coolest looking controller mods, an artist or modder looking to get into the genre, or just stopping by for something cool to see – there is plenty here! We hope you take the time to give it a try with the video tutorials if you are interested!

Let us know what controller mod you think is the coolest, and if you had a dream controller – what would it be?? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and check back often for more Game Tomatoes!

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