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Busted Nintendo Switch dock? Try An Old N64!

Everyone is talking about the Nintendo Switch now that it’s out into the wild. It’s not just a machine that plays The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Although from the headlines around the web you’d be forgiven for thinking that). When they aren’t praising the system though they are dissing it for the many design flaws it seems to have. One of the bigger issues was the switch docks that were scratching peoples precious consoles! Today we have a nice little DIY hack for you if you are the lucky (or unlucky) owner of an old broken N64 – turn that bad boy into a switch dock like Reddit user tettzan777 did!

If you want the deets on how to make your own Switch Dock N64 Mod, tettzan basically widened the cartridge port to fit the Switch’s screen (sans JoyCons) and put some new hardware inside the N64 (after gutting it of course) so it would actually be a *working* dock. He even brought new life to the original N64 controller ports that now sport USB connections for charging! 1-up!

We respect the DIY spirit and from the video you can see it was a worthy sacrifice of a gaming relic! What say you? Let us know in the comments below!

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