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Fortnite Propaganda For Kids | #FreeFortnite Video Teaching kids to Protest?

The kids aren’t even safe from “Agenda” these days. I just can’t believe this EpicGames nonsense.

I for one am no longer going to support Fortnite as they have literally turned it into a tool to weaponize the youth for their own gain. Their motive is clear, Money is all that matters here. Greed.

Yesterday after hearing the news that EpicGames was trying to bypass the rules of Apple’s App Store and offer in game purchases of their own – Apple caught on and banned them from their app store (as they should, well within their right to do).

EpicGames then did the same thing on the android Google Play app store – banned their as well, as they rightly should be.

THEN, their premeditated attack on Apple was launched not only in court, but in their own game, with this disgusting video which I can only describe as “Propaganda for kids”

Teaching kids to break the rules, and stand up for your right to break the rules – because that is what “justice” is now apparently.

This is the #wokest #woke that ever did #wake.

The fact that they would put this in the game, as a mandatory cut scene is unbelievable. That they would do it in the form of copying the 1984 Apple Ad (an ad made by the company that they are trying to sue? but in their ad they turn it around on them? So clever) – which was inspired by George Orwells book of the same name “1984”.

All of this is just mind bogglingly stupid, and of course EpicGames is getting support from all of these beginner protesters. This is not a noble cause, they are not fighting for justice, just the greed of one company that wants to be a Monopoly while calling another company a monopoly while doing it. Isn’t there a joke about a pot and a kettle about this situation?

What do you guys think about this unexpected development in the Battle Royale space? Let us know in the comments below!

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